More Protection, Less Worry

In the constantly evolving world of business, it’s crucial that companies like yours take appropriate measures to secure
protection against potential claims. That’s where Trisura can help. We provide an array of insurance solutions for everyday exposures organizations may encounter—so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

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Casualty Insurance



Umbrella and Excess Liability

Trisura Casualty Highlight Sheet
Trisura Product Portfolio

Casualty insurance protects against the day-to-day risks your business may face, including property damage and personal injury. Trisura offers comprehensive, flexible solutions for a broad range of risks.


A commercial package policy is the foundation for all other insurance products and services. These packages can be customized to include the right coverages for your company’s specific needs.

The Trisura Commercial Package Policy offers both casualty and general liability insurance options.

Umbrella and Excess Liability

Umbrella and excess liability policies are additional layers of coverage on top of the inclusions in an existing commercial general liability package (CGL). These policies protect organizations from coverage gaps as well as catastrophic events that could prove to be financially devastating.

Trisura’s adaptability and in-house expertise can help your company identify and fill gaps in its primary CGL policy.

Cyber insurance protects your business against damages associated with network security breaches. This coverage may also include expenses related to breach notification, extortion threats, public relations, credit monitoring, forensic investigation, defence costs and the costs of judgments or settlements.

As cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial that companies take measures to protect themselves and their employees from potential exposures. 

Trisura is here to simplify this process and make it less intimidating. We provide the first line of defence in privacy breach preparation, damage control and resolution.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Trisura Product Portfolio

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance provides coverage to a corporation’s directors and officers in the event they are sued for wrongful acts while with the company. This policy ensures that financial burdens, including damages and defence costs, are covered by the insurance company.  

Trisura’s D&O policy is buildable, which allows our clients to purchase additional coverage for extra protection. We offer solutions geared to both private and public corporations.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Trisura Product Portfolio

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance protects a company and its directors, officers and employees against claims made by the organization’s current or prospective employees.

EPL insurance can stand on its own; it also serves as another layer of protection when paired with additional Trisura offerings, ensuring all your business exposures are covered.

Kidnap, Extortion & Ransom Insurance

Trisura Product Portfolio

From time to time, dangerous situations arise in which businesses need out-of-the-box protection. Extortion, kidnap and ransom insurance comes into play when criminals endanger an individual to gain access to industrial secrets, to make socio-political statements or for monetary gain. 

Extortion, kidnap and ransom insurance includes access to an emergency response team empowered to safely repatriate the victim(s) through professional communication with the kidnappers and expert negotiation of ransom and safe release.

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide coverage for Canadian companies who do business in territories where this type of peril is common. Our products are written with the support of Sutton Special Risk, a leader in this class of business. Sutton Special Risk has been at the forefront of extortion, kidnap and ransom insurance for over three decades.

Should a situation arise, Trisura customers benefit from best-in-class 24/7 crisis response services. Control Risk Group has been helping companies, their employees and their families with negotiations, advice and expertise since the 1970s.

Crime insurance is there to protect businesses against losses incurred through dishonest, fraudulent acts made by employees.

At Trisura, claims experts are equipped with the tools and expertise to guide claim adjusters regarding current losses. The result? A better chance of recovery for your business, and a reduced chance of future incidents.

What Is It?

Professional liability insurance protects an organization and its individuals from claims made against the company’s services. 

Whether it’s an accusation of negligence or of failure to deliver services as promised, our coverage can be tailored to respond to a wide range of claims across a variety of industries, from medicine to media and more. Trisura professional liability insurance products offer flexibility to meet your particular professional needs.

Technology Insurance

Trisura Product Portfolio

Technology insurance is designed to protect your business’ software and networks against harm. 

Trisura technology insurance includes support services such as consulting and programming. In a Trisura policy, terms of coverage and services are clear, so you aren’t left guessing. We also have the capacity to provide support for Canadian or U.S. based accounts with international exposures.

Association & Affinity Insurance

Trisura Product Portfolio

Many large groups and associations that provide professional liability (errors and omissions) or non-profit directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance to members benefit from a customized program solution. 

Trisura association and affinity insurance features the flexibility needed to craft solutions that meet your unique business needs. Furthermore, all Trisura specialty insurance programs include free access to our legal assistance hotline, a service that offers comprehensive legal advice to members. 

Fronting Solutions

Fronting occurs when traditional insurance is difficult to source. Fronting insurance may be necessary when:

  • Significant risk retention is required
  • Capacity is limited
  • Local insurance policies are required

Trisura’s fronting team will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that provides effective coverage and supports your overall business strategy.